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Entry Regulations to the State of Qatar

Qatar grants tourist visas at border points for the nationals of more than 33 countries (including USA, Canada, Iceland, West European countries, East European countries, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Brunei, Australia and New Zealand), in addition to the nationals of the GCC countries.

Visit visas for the residents of the GCC countries and their companions are issued at border points. Entry visas for businessmen coming from places other than the countries mentioned above need to be arranged prior to arrival at border points.

Visitors on tourist visas are required to use Qatar Airways to enter the country.

The passport section at Doha international airport can issue renewable 14-day tourist visas in 24 hours for all visitors to Qatar with the exception of travel documents holders. Such visitors should have their next of kin living in Qatar, and they are not required to have residence permits in one of the GCC countries in order to get a tourist visa. This arrangement resonates with the policy of openness currently prevailing in various fields in the State of Qatar.


Culture: Foreign workers comprise a large portion of the population in Qatar. This mix of population, language, religion and culture is accompanied by strong family traditions. Qatar operates a free market economy and is committed to the principles of free trade.

The government has made extensive investments in education, social welfare, transportation and infrastructure. Qatar is cosmopolitan and very westernized. It is also wealthy and culturally diverse. It has opened its doors to foreign investors, and has encouraged international trade.

Job Opportunities: Qatar has an abundant amount of oil and gas. It is a key region. It exports most of its reserves all over the world, including to the US. Qatar has the world's 3'rd largest natural gas reserves and 26 billion barrels of oil reserves.

Although Qatar has traditionally been dependant on oil production to fund economic and social development, wise investments have resulted in a diversification of industries. The economies have undergone dramatic transformation over the last 50 years.

Companies are attracted Qatar due to its low development & operation costs, enormous reserves, and numerous supply routes.

Benefits: Qatar offers employees longer contracts than most other regions as well as a competitive pay and a good standard of living.

Middle Eastern countries are flourishing and continue to attract a large expatriate work force. The main reason that people choose to work in Middle East countries is to earn tax free income and benefits such as free accommodation, free medical and annual paid holidays.

Flights to and from the Middle East will be paid at the beginning and end of your contract and usually a mid-year round trip ticket is also offered. Annual leave is generous and you will usually be paid a bonus at the end of your contract.

Many companies provide accommodation in ‘compounds’ which are private complexes, like gated communities. Free transport is provided to and from work and for local shopping. Most people go to work for a few years on a temporary basis and then move back to their home country a few years later. Some candidates enjoy the Middle East so much that they stay for years, but for most it’s a year or two.



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